David Allen is a productivity consultant who is best known as the creator of the time management method known as “Getting Things Done”.

David comments on the Rhodia Meeting Book: “I love this Rhodia pad. First, the paper stands up to my fountain pen ink without bleeding through. It’s a great size for taking notes at all sorts of meetings; the perf-ing is very functional (important for processing notes through my in-tray!) Great tool.”

and on the Rhodia Reverse Book: “I love the Rhodia Reverse Book. Not only is it great for “lefties” in our workshops, it’s a great size and graphics for creative mapping, note-taking, drawing, etc. And, as usual with your paper, it lets me play with my fountain pen without bleed-through!” Visit the GTD Times Blog. 



Chef Hosea Rosenberg Top Chef Season 5 Winner told us: “Rhodia can handle the abuse of my work environment: moisture, dirt and getting tossed around. I carried one with me during my competition and it really came in handy. I love to sketch my ideas on paper but most notebooks just fall apart in the kitchen.  The Rhodia pads look great and stay together all the way to the last page.” – Be sure to visit his restaurant – Jax Fish House in Boulder, Colorado.


Fashion designer Paul Smith – with his own line of Rhodia pads celebrating Rhodia’s 75th Anniversary in ’09. “I always carry a camera with me and use it as a visual diary everyday along with my Rhodia notebook. They are the 2 things I am never without.” – Paul Smith



Francis Ford Coppola Winery“One of the places we are sure to stop in Paris is a stationery store. They are so great there. Most of all, they have a great selection of Rhodia pads, the best writing pads in the world (in my opinion). I highly recommend them…they’re great for wine notes!”-Frances Coppola on Rhodia


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