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Setting up your bullet journal for the new year!

If you haven't already, it's time to set up your bullet journal for the…

Laurie by Laurie Dec 28, 2018

Rediscover Analog’s 2019 bullet journal setup in the Rhodia Goalbook

Jes at Rediscover Analog did a great overview post on the Rhodia Goalbook discussing…

Laurie by Laurie Dec 21, 2018

Jet Pens Comprehensive Rhodia Guide

[caption id="attachment_19096" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Rhodia ColoR Treasure Boxes[/caption] Jet Pens post Rhodia: A Comprehensive…

Laurie by Laurie Dec 14, 2018

What’s in Seemownay’s Rhodia bullet journal planner

Seemownay did a detailed walk-through video of her A5 size Rhodiarama dot grid notebook…

Laurie by Laurie Dec 7, 2018

How to use your bullet journal to help make decisions

Bullet journaling is a great way to increase your productivity and help you reach…

Laurie by Laurie Nov 30, 2018

Plant Based Bride’s video review of the Rhodia Webnotebook: Should You Buy It???

Plant Based Bride did an excellent video review of the Rhodia Webnotebook, which she…

Laurie by Laurie Nov 23, 2018

Bullet Journaling with less setup time!

A common complaint among bullet journalers is the time it takes to set up…

Laurie by Laurie Nov 16, 2018

Book review: The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

[caption id="attachment_19045" align="aligncenter" width="370"] My copy of the book is already looking well loved![/caption]…

Laurie by Laurie Nov 9, 2018

Fountain Pen Lover’s Paradise!

Happy Fountain Pen Day! If you love using fountain pens, you are in the…

Laurie by Laurie Nov 2, 2018

Video of new Clairefontaine mixed-media notebook in use

Here is an excellent short video showing the new Clairefontaine Goldline mixed-media notebook in…

Laurie by Laurie Oct 26, 2018

Seemownay’s October overview video with Rhodiarama A5 dot grid bullet journal

Seemownay has a series of flip-through videos showing how she uses her Rhodiarama A5…

Laurie by Laurie Oct 19, 2018

New Clairefontaine fine arts notebooks now available in US!

I am very happy to announce two new lines of Clairefontaine notebooks are now…

Laurie by Laurie Oct 12, 2018

PhysicsAndBuJo’s bullet journal in Rhodia Goalbook

[caption id="attachment_18986" align="aligncenter" width="400"] The Rhodia Goalbook is designed for bullet journaling[/caption] Madisson (physicsandbujo…

Laurie by Laurie Oct 5, 2018

Virginia Hein’s art in her Rhodia Landscape Webnotebook!

We sent artist and urban sketcher Virginia Hein (@virginiahein) a Rhodia Landscape Webnotebook to…

Laurie by Laurie Sep 28, 2018