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Is BuJo Still Relevant?

On August 18th, it’ll be 6 years since Ryder Caroll launched bulletjournal.com. In between…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 16, 2019

Sketching on Rembrandt’s Paper

As you know, Clairefontaine is responsible for Rhodia’s beautiful paper, but did you know…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 15, 2019

Let’s Talk [Rhodia for] Business!

Good afternoon, friends! I just got a couple of samples of Rhodiactive products you…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 9, 2019

But, Is Rhodia Good to the Environment?

As most of you are aware, the Northeast was hit with a soul crushing…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 2, 2019

Handwriting and the Brain

In my (recent) past life as a TA, I’d recommend my Intro to Creative…

Claudia by Claudia Jul 26, 2019

New Goalbook, New Me

Without really thinking, I answered, “something Goalbook-sized ,” when my new boss asked me…

Claudia by Claudia Jul 19, 2019

One to follow: @tova63 on Instagram

Following #rhodiagoalbook on Instagram turns up lots of interesting things. Recently I discovered @tova63…

Laurie by Laurie May 31, 2019

Jet Pens: The Best Notebooks for Every Use

Jet Pens posted a guide featuring The Best Notebooks for Every Use. We were…

Laurie by Laurie May 24, 2019

Fountain Pen Love reviews the Rhodia Dot Pad

Fountain Pen Love did a very thorough review of the Rhodia Dot Pad. At…

Laurie by Laurie May 17, 2019

The Well-Appointed Desk reviews the Clairefontaine Zellige notebook

Laura at The Well Appointed Desk recently reviewed the new Clairefontaine Zellige notebook! She…

Laurie by Laurie May 10, 2019

Extra large Rhodiarama giveaway winners!

  Many thanks to everyone who participated in our recent Extra Large Rhodiarama Notebooks…

Laurie by Laurie May 3, 2019

New Clairefontaine Zellige notebooks now available!

The new Zellige notebooks from Clairefontaine are now available to buy in the USA!…

Laurie by Laurie Apr 26, 2019

Giveaway: New Extra-Large Rhodiarama notebooks!

The extra large Rhodiarama softcover notebooks have just landed in the USA! To celebrate,…

Laurie by Laurie Apr 19, 2019

Rhodia pocket size bullet journal

Somehow I missed this video by Girl With A Lesson Plan showing how she…

Laurie by Laurie Apr 12, 2019