Friday, November 8th, 2019

Live Laugh List


A list. Who doesn’t love one? Who doesn’t want to be on one? Who doesn’t want to be on the top of someone’s? Or crossing things off one? Or writing one before a long day? Lists suggest that some things are more pressing than others, knowledge that is essential to, well, living a life. There’s an art to making lists. And then again, it’s deceptively simple.

The point is that, whether they’re written in perfect cursive with a quill pen or scribbled on the back of a hand with a Bic, lists help ground us. Writing them keeps us accountable by producing a physical reminder of our to-dos. Not only that, but it makes us 33 percent more likely to complete those tasks.

Another lovely thing about lists is that they’re very personal. If someone is out there telling you there’s a right and a wrong way to organize your days, they should look at all the Rhodia pads and notebooks available for this very purpose. Not to mention the entire planner industry. I usually start my day freewriting, but I like to use my morning train commute or the time when I’m getting settled at my desk to jot down a to-do list on my No. 16 pad. If I were a better BuJo person, I’d be using my Goalbook every day, but I’m slowly coming to the realization that I’m a more haphazard–let’s say intuitive–list-maker.


What do your lists look like? Do you go for the intuitive method, or are you a meticulous bullet journal-er? Are you somewhere in between? Post your list pics below!

Here are some talented Rhodia fans putting us–well, me–to shame (keep scrolling for an iconic Niles Crane moment):


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This week’s setup in progress. 🍂🥧 And I baked a pie this afternoon! . . . This week I’m only using 1 pencil, a sharpener, 1 pen & my notebook. I have been dealing with a lot of overwhelm & stress lately, so a simple approach has been terrific for my mental clarity. Also, how beautiful is this afternoon light?! ♡ . . . #nofilter #afterthepen #weeklyspread #weeklylayout #weekly #weeklyplanning #minimalistbulletjournal #minimalbujo #minimalplanner #minimalistbujo #bujospread #bujoweeklyspread #bujoweeklylayout #bujoweekly #bujotracker #bujoaddict #wearebujo #bulletjournalist #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournaljunkie #bulletjournallove #bulletjournalcommunity #planner #planneraddict #plannerlove #rhodia #muji #mujipens #bujobeauties

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This is my entry for @leeniale ‘s giveaway ! #gimmeleeniale Here are my top Five favorite things : 1) Writing ~ I’ve started to write a few years ago and I couldn’t stop since then. I’ve met such a great people and I hope to bring joy with my stories. 2) Reading ~ I began to read when I was very young. I never stopped. Today, I sometimes go to the library with my mom. Wonderful moments ! 3) Art ~ For more than two years, I went to art classes. Due to health problems, I can’t go anymore :( So, I draw and paint a lot whan I’m home. 4) Camera ~ Everytime I travel around the world, I always take my camera and take pictures. I like to look back to them. 5) Music ~ I’ve always listen to music. I discover new ones when I watch my dramas (just finished Wok of love and Hotel del luna). Two years ago, I’ve stopped playing piano due to my health problems. I really hope someday, I will play again without being in pain. ° ° ° #bujo #journaling #zebramidliners #steadler #washitapes #rhodia #bujospread #bujo2019 #bujonewbie #bujolife #bujoart

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Octobre se termine déjà ! Le temps passe si vite… 💫

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3 thoughts on “Live Laugh List

  1. Whatever my lists…look…like…I am never so disrespectful to the microperforations in my Dotpads!

  2. Merveilleux, le meilleur. Yesterday I mentioned the #11 is always my pocket. A #16 is always at my desk and in a holder with my weekly planner. They both easily fit. My kids still laugh at my Rhodia stash of various products. No doubt, the best you can get.

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