Friday, October 25th, 2019

Holiday Gift Ideas from Rhodia (for Those Who Are Too Smart to Wait Until November)


It’s never too early to get that holiday shopping done, especially if you’re looking forward to actually relaxing on vacation, or if you work through the holidays and your idea of hell is shopping along with the rest of the world after a stressful day.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve bought and used our notebooks and pads for work and/or personal projects, but they make wonderful gifts, too! Even if the people in your life aren’t artists, calligraphers, writers, or obsessed with paper the way we are, there is something special about receiving a beautiful, well-crafted notebook. It says, your thoughts matter, here is a place that will keep them safe. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but when someone gives me a good notebook, I just know they love me.

If you have family/friends who are as annoying as me or just love well-made things that stand the test of time, make their day with one of these gifts from the Rhodia catalog:

ColoR Premium Treasure Box Includes two A5 premium ColoR pads, one A6 premium ColoR pad, and two Rhodia pencils (black Linden wood).

These are perfect for students—for anyone with a desk, really. They come in seven rich, jewel-toned colors. You can use the box to keep stationery, writing tools, office supplies, etc.

Webnotebook (Landscape) A great creative journal, sketchbook, or guest book. Includes ribbon marker and inner pocket, as well as a lovely faux leather cover.

Goalbook + Sewn Spine Notebook You know how I feel about Goalbooks and sewn spine notebooks! They are obviously great individually, but they’re even better as a duo. Think of it as a Rhodiarama starter kit—you have your bullet journal for more ordered notes and entries, and your velvet-smooth, flexible, everyday carry notebook for drafts and more spur-of-the-moment ideas. You can mix and match cover colors, too. It’ll be hard to go back to any other brand after this.

*If you’re getting a bookish loved one a novel, memoir, or short story collection, pair it with a Goalbook. It makes a fabulous reading journal!

Heritage Collection Notebooks Inspired by the classic grid pattern, these feature three bold cover options and two binding styles: sewn or book block. These are a good choice for professional contacts or friends who appreciate an old-world look.

Rhodia Pencil Box Display with 25 Pencils The pencils are deeply satisfying to write with and made from Linden wood, with a black body and orange exterior. They’re triangular, so they’ll never roll off the table. Like with the Treasure Box, you can keep using the display long after you’re done with its contents.

Hope this helps you check some things off your holiday shopping list! Feel free to also browse through the Exaclair Holiday Gift Guide for offerings from Clairefontaine, Herbin, and our other sister brands.

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