Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Clarification about Stillman & Birn Acquisition


Hi, friends! We’ve received a couple of messages regarding the recent acquisition of Stillman & Birn by Clairefontaine Rhodia. Some of you expressed concern about what this means for the quality of the paper in S&B sketchbooks, about whether it will change or suffer because of it. Customers of popular notebook companies that have been acquired in the past have seen the quality of their products decline, so we understand why some may approach this news with caution.

The reality of the situation is that Stillman & Birn has been associated with Clairefontaine since its beginnings. The paper in their sketchbooks is made in the historic Schut mill, which was bought by Clairefontaine Rhodia in 1998. This acquisition didn’t change anything about S&B sketchbook paper then, so there is no reason for this recent acquisition to change that now. We remain committed to championing and preserving their quality and have no intention of infringing on a great product that artists and students love. The sketchbooks will continue to be made with robust, high-performance Schut paper and bound in the USA, the same way they’ve always been.

The one change you should expect is wider distribution of Stillman & Birn across Europe.

We hope this puts your mind at ease and are happy to answer any further questions.


4 thoughts on “Clarification about Stillman & Birn Acquisition

  1. I am an artist and love the S & B sketchbooks! I teach journaling, and I recommend your journals to students. At one time, I could receive small samples of the paper in your journals which is so helpful in finding what works best for your type of artwork. I suggest you make those paper samples very available especially to teachers. Legion paper uses an excellent method for trying paper…Artist Mini Pads…approx.
    2 x 3″, 10 sheets in a 10 sheet pad for $1.59. What a great way to try the paper and create mini art works! I hope you will consider something along those lines so artists get a chance to try papers before investing in a journal. Thanks for your great products and glad to see the company branch out into Sketchbooks!

  2. I’m fortunate to live in a big US city with 3 art stores that care the full line. I was recently in England (Yorkshire mostly) and went to a few art stores. S&B was not available and I was told they are only obtainable on-line. So it will be good if they are more available in Europe.

  3. Hi, Mary! We’re sorry you’ve been having trouble finding the square S&B softcover sketchbooks. We checked the sites you mentioned and it looks like they’ve all been updated with the new products, except for Goulet Pens, but places like Wet Paint and Jerry’s also have all the square options in stock. Hope this helps!


    (others in the series are also available)


    (others in the series are also available)

    Wet Paint:×7-5-square-3808183.html

    (others in the series are also available)

    Jerry’s Artarama:

    (others in the series are also available)

  4. Wider distribution in EUROPE????
    It is almost impossible to find the full line of S&B sketchbooks in most art and paper shops here in the USA.
    The SQUARE SIZE soft cover sketchbooks (Nova, Alpha, Beta etc) came out in April and they are still impossible to find here at BLICK, AMAZON, GOULET etc.

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