Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Inktober Writing Prompts (and Giveaway Winners Announced!)


Inktober 2019 is now in full swing. Your Instagram feed is probably an endless stream of drawings and sketches, maybe some standalone, beautifully handwritten words. Are you feeling a little bit left out? For those of you who aren’t artistically inclined in that way, but enjoy making art by stringing words together, Inktober is still for you! The challenge is about generating, after all, and more and more creative writers have been participating in recent years. There aren’t as many Inktober writing prompts out there (though some drawing prompts could definitely be used as writing prompts), so I thought I’d offer up some ideas for those of you wanting to fill your Rhodia pads and notebooks with stories, whether they’re real or fictional.

I recommend writing between 250-500 words per prompt—long enough to complete an idea or scene, but short enough to not have it eat up a big chunk of your day (unless you want it to, or you have the time). I wrote the prompts in the first person, but you may, of course, change the point of view for any of these if you’re writing a fictional piece.

Oct. 10- First memory.

Oct. 11- Last page of my unwritten novel.

Oct. 12- A bad misunderstanding.

Oct. 13- Loss of an heirloom.

Oct. 14- My mother was right.

Oct. 15- My mother was wrong.

Oct. 16- The recurring dream.

Oct. 17- The best thing I know how to make. [Write about the process—could be a recipe, a construction project, etc.].

Oct. 18- Newspaper Story. [Pick a random newspaper headline without reading the article; write the article yourself; be as funny, absurd, or serious as you want].

Oct. 19- …and then it all went quiet.

Oct. 20- I don’t know. [Every sentence in the piece has to start with “I don’t know”].

Oct. 21- What I hide under the bed.

Oct. 22- I see. [Every sentence in the piece has to start with “I see”].

Oct. 23- A face I will never forget.

Oct. 24- A lullaby for myself.

Oct. 25- The strangest thing to happen in my neighborhood.

Oct. 26- A formal letter of complaint in the style of your favorite poet or literary character.

Oct. 27- A silly regret.

Oct. 28- A story in a grocery list. [List should reveal a story; you may not write anything beyond a bulleted list of items].

Oct. 29- The story of your name.

Oct. 30- A “bad” poem. [Use every cliché imaginable].

Oct. 31- Love it, even though. [Every sentence in the piece has to start with “Love it, even though”].

Good luck! May your October be fun and productive!


And here are the three lucky winners of our Rhodiarama giveaway:

Anise: @pastorron53
Raspberry: @margotcore
Yellow: @sirhin

Kindly DM us with your details within the next 48 hours to receive your notebook. If we don’t hear from you after a couple of days, your prize will go to someone else.

Thanks to all who participated! We look forward to doing more of these in the future!

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