Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Review Round-Up—Rhodia Featured in New York Magazine’s “100 Best Notebooks” List!


The Editors at The Strategist have spoken, and not one, but two Rhodia products—the N° 18 Wirebound Pad and the Meeting Book—appear in the top 30. Not that we’re surprised, since we’ve been in the notebook-making business for almost 90 years! The editor took note of the small yet important details that set us apart—the way the pages tear off cleanly and elegantly, the “luxe and smooth,” no bleed-through paper. They didn’t like that the pad didn’t have a header section on each page like most American pads, but hey, we’re French and, “for a pad with fancy paper, it’s hard to imagine doing better than this.” Couldn’t agree more. However, our new Heritage Collection does feature headers on the pages, and so do many Clairefontaine notebooks, so take a look at those. As for the Meeting Book, they basically say that it’s the kind of notebook you didn’t know you always needed. The perforated pages and the way it’s compartmentalized and structured will have you thinking in action points in no time.



Just as exciting is the write-up we got on the Gear for Life website. I quote: “For most people, Moleskine is the first notebook that pops into their head. And that’s understandable. But for many artists, thinkers and paper lovers, nothing can beat Rhodia.” And the main reason for this is the paper. Always the paper. Not the marketing stories or trends. As the editor who reviewed the wirebound pad for The Strategist said, Rhodia is for people who want something different. We’ve been perfecting this brand of different since 1934, and will continue to do so for the next 90 years.


One thought on “Review Round-Up—Rhodia Featured in New York Magazine’s “100 Best Notebooks” List!

  1. Congratulations!
    Indeed… the paper…

    “Hey! We’re French”. You nailed it. Et s’ils sont pas content c’est pareil, on s’en tape.

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