Friday, September 13th, 2019

Coming Soon: Rhodia Wirebound dotBook!


If you are a calligrapher, artist, or bullet journaling wiz, you are probably familiar with the benefits of a dot grid. It keeps your letters and sketches aligned without being obtrusive or taking away from what you’re creating. The dots tend to fade into the background in a way that graphs and lines, more defined and utilitarian, don’t. But they provide that little bit of structure that you don’t get with a blank page.

Rhodia has a variety of dot pads and notebooks in different bindings and sizes, including the Reverse Book, which has the added benefit of square pages, so you can flip it any way you want (perfect for left-handed people). Anderson Pens posted the below video a couple years back, to give you an idea.



It’s easy to see why wire-bound notebooks are so popular—they are economical, sturdy, and versatile. So we decided to expand our offerings and bring you the Rhodia Wirebound dotBook. It features the Reverse Book’s same French-milled 80g white paper, 80 micro-perforated sheets, and snag-proof double-wire binding, but the binding is on the left and the pages have elegantly rounded edges. It’s slightly bigger and rectangular at 9 x 11 ¾. The cover is in classic black with a water-resistant coating, so you can take it anywhere. Perfect for students, planners, and avid sketchers and letterers who prefer a flexible wirebound notebook closer to an A4 size.


Micro-perforated sheets and subtle violet dots.


A nice, clean, large space to write on.



Available in the US in early 2020!



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