Friday, August 16th, 2019

Is BuJo Still Relevant?


On August 18th, it’ll be 6 years since Ryder Caroll launched In between projects and inspired by a conversation he had with a frazzled bride-to-be about his personal organizational system, he uploaded some instructions and a tutorial video in the hopes that the online community would find the method as useful as he did. By October of the following year, it was a viral sensation complete with a limited edition Leuchtturm notebook dedicated to it.

In 2019 the trend shows no signs of stopping. In a way, it’s no surprise, since analog has been making a comeback for a while thanks to us millennials. I did a quick Google search to see how often BuJo came up in the news, and everyone from Good Housekeeping, to Bloomberg, to Lifehacker is still posting how-tos and testimonials. On Instagram, we’re talking about 3.3 million posts under the #bujo hashtag; 4.2 million under #bulletjournal.

Why a bullet journal and not just any regular digital calendar, post-its, or phone reminders? There are thousands of different answers online. Everyone has their reasons. A customizable notebook that is equal parts planner, journal, scrapbook, and life coach is so attractive precisely because everyone is different. It’s an all-encompassing, personal experience.

If you’re looking to start one soon, take a look at our “How to Set Up a New Bullet Journal” post and browse through Rhodia’s “For Bullet Journaling” collection. Fall is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to embark on a new planning journey!

4 thoughts on “Is BuJo Still Relevant?

  1. I think the bullet journal is definitely still relevant. It has adapted over the years to something that a pre printed diary could never do.

  2. I am nearly 73 and find my Rhodia Goalbook invaluable for tracking my daily reading and history projects, chores and daily appointments. I have many collections of various bibliographies and places of interest to visit. I have a in which I keep my bj and a diary and a notebook. All three for a means of keeping my life in order and keeping me productive. So Bujo is relevant for all ages.

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