Friday, August 9th, 2019

Let’s Talk [Rhodia for] Business!


Good afternoon, friends! I just got a couple of samples of Rhodiactive products you might be interested in. If you’re a fan of our office-focused notebooks and pads, you’re probably familiar with the no-nonsense, heavy duty Meeting Book. Well, the new Rhodiactive Flexible and Hardcover Notebooks are also made with professionals in mind, and follow the same design principle—they’re sturdy and practical, yet sleek. But the cool thing about these is how easily you can make them adapt to your organizational or note-taking style.

Both the flexible and hardcover versions feature lovely, fountain pen and marker friendly, 90g white Clairefontaine paper. The pages are lined and include a blank text box at the top. And…that’s it! Yes, they also include a black ribbon page marker, an annual calendar, a world time zone map, and an international telephone access code page (which will make you a hero in the conference room), but the bulk of the notebook is bare, with nothing but lines to guide you.

The lighting here doesn’t do the white pages justice, but I wanted to give you a sense of the layout.

There’s a beauty to this simplicity in a world filled with labyrinthian organizers and meeting notebooks. It’s so versatile that I could see it being used as a journal or a diary. The paper is strong enough to take doodles, markers, and staples, and the water-proof cover is kind of a relief in unpredictable weather. It’s not small, but it could easily fit in a messenger bag, a tote, or a briefcase.

The hardcover comes in two sizes, with tear-off corners and 30 or so more pages, but I personally prefer the flexible cover version, and see myself using this to draft press releases, newsletters, and other work-related materials. What do you think about these? We’d love to know how you’d use them. Check out other Rhodia for Business products here!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk [Rhodia for] Business!

  1. ooh.. you almost had me… I was thinking of a meeting book set of pages in something other than coil bound. (really not a fan of wire coils)… but do love my meeting book and is the only notebook I own that always has a backup. never without one.

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