Friday, July 19th, 2019

New Goalbook, New Me


Without really thinking, I answered, “something Goalbook-sized ,” when my new boss asked me what I wanted to write on. Fast-forward to the following day, and I’m drafting my first blog post on an actual bullet journal, with sections and all. I have to say, I’m both delighted and surprised that simply having this notebook has made me, an avid sticky note writer (and loser) who is highly suspicious of trends, a BUJO fan overnight. I’m not sure how it happened, but it must’ve had something to do with the structured freedom that the product gives me. It’s like a little nudge in the right direction towards being the organized person I didn’t remember I could be. It doesn’t beat me over the head with it. It’s also a beautiful, well-crafted object, and you can’t help but want to make it your own.

I realize we haven’t met yet! My name is Claudia, and I’m a Marketing Assistant at Exaclair, Inc. in NYC. Like many of you growing up, back-to-school shopping was always the highlight of my summer. I love supplies. I could sit in a room for hours, on the sunniest day of the year, doodling, writing, literally just watching ink dry on a fresh sheet of notebook paper. Not much has changed, although I do go outside much more often. I love my Criterion Collection, swimming, writing, and history.

History is partly what drew me to working at Exaclair, particularly Rhodia’s story. It started off as a small family business out of Lyon, France, in 1932. The then called ‘Verilhac Brothers, Paper-Maker’ was founded by two sons of Jean-Abel Verilhac, a merchant who had made his living selling printing paper in the south of France and colonial North Africa in the 1880’s. In 1934, the Verilhacs moved their business to an abandoned arms manufacturing plant near the French Alps. This is where the first Rhodia pad was made. It was just another project, definitely not something they anticipated would overshadow all their other products. The wife of one of the brothers designed the logo at her kitchen table, to give you an example of how small the operation was. We still use that logo to this day, because why mess with a good thing?

With this blog I’m hoping to show you all the good things I discover about our notebooks, as well as products old and new we’re excited about. On an equally important note, I hope to share, and learn about, how other people (that includes you!) capture their lives, thoughts, and goals on paper. So watch out for news, writing tips, and interviews! See you all next week.

3 thoughts on “New Goalbook, New Me

  1. Welcome! While I don’t bullet journal, I am a writer who loves your (lined) Rhodia webbies and your new large (extra large?) Rhodia soft cover notebooks. But they are almost impossible to find here in the US, even 3 months after their announced arrival. Care to share a suggestion? Amazon has them from 3rd parties .

    Anyway, welcome and good luck! I love your products!

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