Friday, May 24th, 2019

Jet Pens: The Best Notebooks for Every Use


Jet Pens posted a guide featuring The Best Notebooks for Every Use. We were very happy to see several Rhodia and Clairefontaine notebooks there!

The post is very comprehensive and covers topics such as different types of binding, paper, cover materials, and more. There is a lot to think about when considering a notebook for specific uses.

Clairefontaine My Essential notebooks are listed under their For Journaling category. Their acid-free, fountain pen friendly 90 gsm paper will hold your memories for years to come. Jet Pens says:

Clairefontaine’s My Essential Notebooks boast supreme paper quality. The sheets are delightfully smooth and also excellent for fountain pen ink.

Clairefontaine My Essential notebook

Rhodia Webnotebooks are in their For Sketching and Visual Thinking category. They say:

Rhodia Webnotebooks are premium notebooks for visual thinking. What makes these notebooks so great is their smooth, ivory paper that handles ink with ease. We recommend the plain or dot grid sheet styles for visual thinkers; the former is a completely blank canvas for your drawings while the latter’s unobtrusive dots can help align proportions or guide flowcharts. If you tend to draw wide, we also recommend the landscape options.

Rhodia Webnotebooks come in a variety of sizes and layouts, see the entire range here.

Rhodia Webnotebooks

The Rhodia Dot Reverse book is in their category For Engineering and Design. The Dot Reverse Book is square shaped, wire bound with dot grid paper so you can use the pages horizontally or vertically. Jet Pens says:

The dots are a happy medium between blank and graph paper, providing just enough guidance while remaining inconspicuous. The notebooks’ unique square shape lets you orient the binding on whichever side is most comfortable.

See the entire post at Jet Pens to find your perfect notebook for every use!


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