Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Interview with Vintage Leather Company


1) Please tell us about yourself and your business.

Vintage Leather Company is a house of talented leather workers. In the team, we are seven master grade leather crafters.

2) How did you discover Rhodia?

In 2009 we were looking for Clairefontaine papers for a boutique project we had in Lille, France. We went to a very classy event showcasing Paul Smith’s collection. That is when we got our first Rhodia notebook. And today it has been ten years that we have been experiencing the world’s most preferred high-end papers.

3) Tell us about the products you make. What is the manufacturing process?

We are determined to provide the best experience for our users. I am proud to say that our products are made with high-end craftsmanship and unique detailing. For instance, let’s give an example of the leather portfolio we designed for calligraphy artists. We worked with 300 nibs, over 50 fountain pens and papers from all over the world including the famous British brands, the well known Japanese papers, papers from Korea, the United States and indeed Rhodia from France. After working with various calligraphy artists we decided Rhodia provides the best writing experience so we scaled our sizing and measurements depending on Rhodia products.

We also provide unique experiences for Audiophile communities, Sketching and Drawing communities, Architects and Designers. The most common trait among these societies is that they are very detail oriented people. You cannot come up with an ordinary product to serve to these societies. We are talking about people spending thousands of dollars on fountain pens to find the best writing experience. We are happy to provide them the best leather available in the market with the highest craftsmanship. A Vintage Leather Co product always speaks for itself.

3) Why do you think people enjoy using paper notebooks and writing pads in this digital age?

Just imagine; you meet the artist you’ve admired for years and you love every single work he comes up with. And now you have the moment of your life; he has agreed to make a painting for you. Would you prefer him to complete the work on his tablet and give you the print? Or would you like to enjoy the canvas on your wall?

The answer is “the canvas” for anyone who has a taste for the arts. They can build the highest definition tablets with the latest technology of pens; it is never the same feeling as holding a fine pen in your hand with Rhodia open in front of you.

Research in epigraphy and paleography has shown that early humans saw the importance of handing down information to the next generation, so they came up with self made dyes and used the walls in the caves. Humans had to write in the past thus the invention of pen and paper is the biggest revolution in history. Humans owe civilization to two single instruments: pen and paper. We owe the known history to these two instruments. Modern science owes all the information up to today to these two instruments. These two are necessities of life. Humans still write today with these two classical instruments, no technology ever will replace the joy of using pen on paper.

4) Lately there is a renewed appreciation for fine writing instruments, leather goods, and the vintage look and feel of quality products. Could you please talk about that a bit?

In terminology, the word Vintage refers to products about 30 to 50 years old. It is well believed that those were the times companies were putting out more effort to be noticed for quality as there were no such advertising channels as the Internet, Social Media etc. So a product had to speak itself. That might be the reason for this appreciation today when there is so much mass production from the far east.

In our company the word Vintage refers to Quality Distressed Genuine Leather which has the same characteristics as the vintage leather products of the ’80s that have survived to our day. A product you get from us will survive for decades and will be equally appreciated.

5) What do your customers look for in quality writing products?

Well I can tell you they can sit back, relax and feel comfortable about the products we make for them. Vintage Leather Co is a made-to-order atelier so each product is made respectively for its owner. Back in the studio, we work with high-end writing instruments to make sure we are out there to meet their expectations.

6) Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to inform the writing community if anyone has unique demands in the name of leather products we are always ready to work for them.

Aydogan DURAN


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