Friday, February 1st, 2019

Maritza’s Art Therapy in her Clairefontaine Goldline sketchbook


Today we have an interview with Maritza, who shows us how she does art therapy in her Clairefontaine Goldline mixed media sketchbook!

My name is Maritza Botello, I am 36 years old. I have always been creative but it was not until I was an adult and could buy my own art supplies that I really started experimenting! I started off with oil paints and thin board canvases, doing abstract paintings and gradually began expanding into other mediums. I am still an abstract artist but I am now also a mixed media artist. I love all types of art supplies and use everything and anything for my art, even everyday stuff like cardboard from packaging to other recyclables. I do have a preference in pens and good quality paper since it doesn’t bleed or tear.

Since becoming ill over a year ago, I have really been focusing on my art and trying out new techniques. Art helps distract me from any physical pain. It also helps me deal and cope better with my mental illness that I have dealt with for most of my life.

I am currently working on several projects, including one utilizing my Clairefontaine sketchbook. I am utilizing 12 years of shredded journals to turn pain into beauty.

The paper in the sketchbook is great, it’s nice and thick and can handle the glue well without bulging. I also like that I was able to decorate the cover to my liking.

In the past I have used the small Rhodia blank orange notepads since they conveniently fit in my pocket and I can take them anywhere.

The oil pastels drawing is from the artist I admire most, my Art therapist Jocelyn Marzec. The rest of the work is my own.

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