Friday, January 18th, 2019

Permanent bullet journal pages


An issue I see often with bullet journalers is where to put their long-term reference pages. For example “Last Time I…” lists; when you or your children are next due for vaccines, doctor or dentist appointments, passport or drivers licence renewals; birthday and anniversary dates, or other types of records or information that you want to keep longer than your current notebook. Instead of recopying this information every time you start a new notebook, there are a couple of options for where to keep your permanent bullet journal pages:

In a separate permanent bullet journal: One option is to keep these types of records in a permanent bullet journal designated just for these. This won’t be your day to day bullet journal; it will only be for long-term records and reference.

In a booklet in the back of your bullet journal: If you want to keep your permanent records and lists in your day to day bullet journal, you can write them in a booklet that slots into the back pocket of your bullet journal notebook. When you fill up your bullet journal and move on to your new one, just take the booklet out and put it in your new notebook.

A perfect option for the booklet is the slim pocket size Rhodia side-stapled notebook.

The Rhodia Goalbook, Rhodiarama notebooks with soft or hard covers, and the Webnotebooks are all excellent bullet journal notebook options (with 90 gsm ink-friendly paper) and all have a pocket in the back of the notebook where you can keep the booklet.

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