Friday, January 11th, 2019

How to manage meeting notes for multiple projects


Recently I met with a friend who has just started a new job where she is working on multiple projects at once. She asked my advice on how to manage all the meeting notes.

She had a few specific questions:

First was how to organize meeting notes in general. She said during meetings she’s usually so busy trying to write everything down, buy the end of it her notes are a complete jumble and she can’t see what she’s supposed to do as a result of the meeting.

I showed her my Rhodia Meeting Book, and it was just what she needed. The pages are formatted with designated spaces for Notes and Actions, so it’s easy to see what actions result from the meeting. During the meeting she can write in the Action space who will do what. At the end of the meeting she can then move her action items to her to do list, and see what she needs to follow up with other people.

Rhodia Meeting Book page

Her next question was how to manage the meeting notes for multiple projects. I said she could either have a separate notebook for each project, or use one notebook for all the projects and make note at the top of each page which project it’s for. When the notebook is filled up, she can tear out the microperforated pages and file the notes with their corresponding projects.

She decided to go for one notebook for each project, to keep each project’s timeline easily visible and not mixed in together. The Meeting Book is slim and lightweight, so she can carry more than one notebook easily if she needs to.

For more information on the Rhodia Meeting Book including where to buy, click here.


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