Friday, December 14th, 2018

Jet Pens Comprehensive Rhodia Guide


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Jet Pens post Rhodia: A Comprehensive Guide is an excellent resource with loads of information conveniently rounded up for you and presented in an easy to understand way. There you’ll find information on lots of Rhodia products, the types of paper and bindings, sizes, and more. They have product recommendations for designers and engineers, students and teachers, and office professionals. At the end there is a big chart with details for each product so you can directly compare them all.

One detail that is particularly helpful is the description of the different types of Rhodia papers and which is available in what products. For example the classic Rhodia writing pads have white 80g paper, while the Webnotebooks, Rhodiarama notebooks, and Goalbooks have premium ivory 90g paper.

Be sure to see the entire post at Jet Pens to learn everything you wanted to know about Rhodia products!

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