Friday, November 30th, 2018

How to use your bullet journal to help make decisions


Bullet journaling is a great way to increase your productivity and help you reach your goals. But another thing it can do, very well, is to help you make decisions.

Let’s say for example you are trying to decide whether or not to move to Seattle (or somewhere besides where you currently live). You can use your bullet journal to help you make this big decision of whether or not to move.

Below you can see the Index where I have listed all the Seattle-related content.

You can keep a Collection for each topic related to your research like information about the city and surrounding area, weather, etc. Other collections can be for things related to the move like Finances (would you be better off staying or going?), flight distances to family (how often would you get to see people), and other considerations. You can even use a specific signifier for all of your Seattle-related entries to make them easier to find in your pages.

You can also keep notes on conversations with people:

And notes on your thoughts about moving, or not.

All of this is very useful information, but where your bullet journal will be especially useful in helping you make your decision is when you do your weekly and/ or monthly reviews and look back through your pages. You will start to notice patterns.

How have your thoughts developed during your research? Do you seem more, or less, excited about the prospect of moving than you did at the start?

What is the general tone of your notes? Positive? Tinged with negativity? Excited? Or resolved?

What have you been taking the most notes on? Tourist destinations? Or what it would actually be like to live there?

After all of your research, how realistic do you think your expectations are?

Looking back through your bullet journal pages and seeing the patterns of what you have recorded will help reveal what you actually want, and what your decision should be.

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