Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Fountain Pen Lover’s Paradise!


Happy Fountain Pen Day! If you love using fountain pens, you are in the right place. Rhodia + Fountain pens = the perfect combination!

Rhodia paper is milled in France and is specifically designed to be used with fountain pens. In fact, when you look at ink reviews online, often the paper used for the writing samples will be Rhodia because it gives consistently high results.

For the perfect pairing, use your favorite Herbin ink on Rhodia paper. Herbin inks have been made in Paris since 1670 and continue to demonstrate their quality and rich heritage.

Practice your calligraphy or write a letter to someone special on one of our famous Rhodia pads, or enjoy using your fountain pen every day while bullet journaling in your Rhodia Goalbook.

Check out our collection of Rhodia products specifically selected for fountain pen lovers!

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