Friday, September 14th, 2018

Perfect notebooks for Inktober!


Inktober is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about which notebook(s) you will use for your ink drawings all month!

Inktober challenges artists all over the world to create an ink drawing every day of the month of October. You can see more details about Inktober here.

Since the whole point is to do drawings in ink,  you’ll want to use a notebook with paper that can handle all types of ink. Rhodia Webnotebooks and Rhodiarama notebooks have paper that has been specifically designed to handle all types of inks: fountain pen inks, gel pens, pigment inks, brush pens, and more!

You might want to try a Landscape Webnotebook for those wide view drawings, or a Pocket Webnotebook for drawing on the go.

Landscape Webnotebook with ink drawing

Or you might want to stick with the classic A5 Webnotebook or hardcover Rhodiarama notebook for all types of ink drawings.

All of these notebooks have a hard cover and elastic closure strap so you can draw anywhere, any time.

Which notebook will you be using for Inktober?

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