Friday, August 31st, 2018

Rhodia Landscape Webnotebook with watercolors!


The Rhodia Landscape Webnotebook is, you guessed it, a landscape-oriented notebook (as opposed to the usual portrait-orientation of most notebooks) in our famous Webnotebook family.

The portable A5 size and creamy paper makes the Landscape Webbie a favorite for urban sketchers.

Artist Jenn Wibowo (@jennwibowo) loves the smooth paper for use with pencils and pens, including fountain pens, and discovered the paper takes watercolors very well too! Paints and inks look great on the pages. She also enjoys sketching in her Landscape Webbie during her commute and at home.

Rhodia Landscape Webnotebook

The Rhodia Landscape Webnotebook is available with orange or black covers, with lined or blank pages. For more information including where to buy click here.


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