Friday, June 15th, 2018

Extensive video review of the silver Rhodia Webnotebook


Brightly Imagined did an extensive video review of the A5 silver Rhodia Webnotebook:

A5 Rhodia Silver Webnotebook

You can see her excellent video here.

She compares the Rhodia Webnotebook to the Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid notebook.

Here are my notes on the video:

She notes that the Rhodia Webnotebook has 96 sheets, which is fewer than the Leuchtturm but she is confused as to the difference between sheets vs pages. As someone pointed out the in comments, 96 sheets = 192 pages. The Leuchtturm notebook has 249 numbered pages but has 80 gsm paper. The Rhodia Webnotebook has fewer pages with thicker 90gsm pages so the result is the books are just about the same size.

She loves the elegant touches of the silver matching ribbon, endpapers, and back pocket, and the feel and performance of the smooth Clairefontaine paper.

She’s not so much a fan of the color of the paper, and the lack of page numbers (note: the Rhodia Goalbook has the same smooth paper and dot grid, with index pages and numbered pages)

Also she wishes there were more than one bookmark and index pages (the Rhodia Goalbook has index pages and two placemarker ribbons).

She does a dot count comparison of the A5 Rhodia Webnotebook and the A5 Leuchtturm.


27 dots across on both Rhodia Webnotebook and Leuchtturm 1917

39 dots down on Leuchtturm because of top and bottom margins.

41 dots down on Rhodia Webnotebook

Pen tests:

She does extensive pen tests where she fills in a box three times to test for bleed through with a variety of pens and markers.

The Sharpie marker was the only one that bled through to the next page, to her surprise! (Sharpie marker bleeds through everything, so it’s her test marker).

Some of the darker wetter inks were hard to tell if they had bled through or were just dark so she re-did the test with a couple of the markers and found they did not bleed through at all. She said this was her best result of a pen test ever!

She said she would definitely recommend the Rhodia Webnotebook!

If you like the paper and features of the Webnotebook but want index pages, numbered pages, and more placemarker ribbons, check out the Rhodia Goalbook!

For more information including where to buy:

You can see the entire collection of Rhodia Webnotebooks in all sizes, colors, and page types here. You can see the Rhodia Goalbooks here.

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