Friday, April 27th, 2018

Pride Bullet Journal’s weekly spreads in Rhodia Goalbook!


Pride Bullet Journal is bullet journaling in the Rhodia Goalbook and has some great weekly spreads!

This spread has a simple to-do list for each day, with important reminders for the current and following week.

This one is a traditional weekly spread with lots of space for each day.

This interesting weekly spread has daily spaces, a space for the week’s playlist, and separate space to highlight deadlines.

And this before-the-pen spread has a beautiful floral theme!

Be sure to follow PrideBulletJournal for more weekly layouts and bullet journaling inspiration!

The Rhodia Goalbook has numbered dot grid pages, index pages, undated monthly planning pages, future log pages, and more! It comes in 16 colors. To see more information including where to buy, click here.

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