Friday, March 23rd, 2018

The Petite Planner reviews the Rhodia Goalbook!


A few weeks ago we sent a Rhodia Goalbook to Erin at The Petite Planner to see what she thought of it. She had some great feedback!

She loved the smoothness of the paper, and found it worked especially well with dip pens. In fact it worked great with all her favorite pens, and even with watercolors!

She did not care for the color of the paper, or the darkness of the dots (which we explained in this post is due to environmental regulations from being printed in Europe as opposed to printing regulations in other countries).

You can see Erin’s complete review of the Rhodia Goalbook here including her pen tests and more details of her pros and cons.

Thanks so much for your excellent feedback Erin!

You can see more information on the Rhodia Goalbook including where to buy here.


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