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Rhodia Fan Profile: Jacqueline Hadel of NOMAD


Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an international Teacher Trainer. I train people to teach English as a Second Language. I am also an international travel blogger and photographer, specializing in documenting graffiti and street art all over the world. In 2017, my blog, TOKIDOKI (Nomad) was voted #17 out of 50 of the best graffiti blogs on the planet, and #53 out of 100 of the top travel photography blogs on the planet (according to

My Rhodia pad is propped up against a mural by Cocoa Beach-based artist David Rothman. I was watching him paint and asking him some questions.

I am also an author of five books on, the most notable being “My Month with Banksy.”

How and when did you first discover Rhodia products?

That’s a very easy one for me. Definitely in Kobe, Japan about 7 years ago. Japan is the ‘land of stationery’ and I love browsing stores like Tokyu Hands in Kobe, and that’s where I saw their extensive Rhodia display. I just started buying the notepads for all of the writing I do, and it soon became known amongst my friends that I loved Rhodia, so they started gifting me various pads and notebooks on special occasions. Now, it’s just kind of a ‘thing.’ Me and my Rhodias.

My Rhodia notepads travel everywhere with me. Ready for any inspiration. This is from a bike ride in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Which are your favorite Rhodia products?

All of the various-sized Rhodia notepads and notebooks, of course. Sometimes I prefer lined, sometimes grid, sometimes blank…it just depends on what I’m doing. I keep a small pad in my backpack – I don’t have a smartphone, or a phone of any kind, for that matter…I know, I know! People freak out when I say that, but it’s true. So, my point is, I still do note-taking, and idea-jotting, the “old-school” way. So, I need my little Rhodia pads.

This pic was taken while I was looking out of my hotel window in Timisoara, Romania and really, really trying to figure out where to go to next?!

Do you use your Rhodia products for work? Personal use? Both?

Both. I use Rhodia as a Teacher Trainer to take notes on my courses, and I use Rhodia for my blog post/book drafts, as well as for notes when I’m interviewing various artists that I feature on my blog.

This pic was taken in Chisinau, Moldova whilst I was interviewing the prolific street artist Izzy Izvne for my blog.

Where do you regularly purchase Rhodia products?

I stocked up on them the last time I was at Tokyu Hands in Kobe in 2016. Needless to say, I’m running out.

a Rhodia morning on Long Island, NY

Any other thoughts?

Thanks for the opportunity to share my Rhodia experience on Rhodia Drive!


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  1. Hi
    What pad holder are you using and what pad size is it, 10 or 11?
    The pad holder seems different from the regular ones.

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