Friday, January 12th, 2018

Rhodia hard cover and soft cover dot grid notebooks


Recently a reader contacted me to ask which Rhodia hard cover and soft cover notebooks come with dot grid pages. Here is the rundown. Click on links for more information, including where to buy.

The hardcover notebooks with dot grid pages are the Webnotebooks (or “Webbies”). They are available in A5 or pocket size, or in reporter’s notebook style. The covers come in black, orange, or (my favorite) the silver Rhodia Ice.

There are a couple of varieties of softcover Rhodia notebooks with dot grid pages:

The Rhodiarama softcover notebooks come in a variety of cover colors, in A5 or pocket size.

The new Rhodia Goalbook also has a soft cover and dot grid pages, and is available in 16 colors. The Goalbook was designed for bullet journaling with numbered pages, index pages, Future Logs, undated monthly planning pages, and more. The paper is 90 gsm and fountain pen friendly. To see photos of the features of the Goalbook look here, and for more information on the Goalbook including where to buy click here.

You can see more Rhodia notebooks and pads (including the Reverse Book) with dot grid paper here.

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