Friday, January 5th, 2018

Nomad’s photos of Rhodia pads all over the world!


Wow!! Take a look at End Of Year Product Review: Rhodia Notebooks and Pads over on Nomad! We sponsored them with a year’s supply of Rhodia, and now we can see their journey around the world!

Here is a quote:

I use my Rhodia pads for trip planning, for artist interview notes, for anecdotes intended to go into a much larger written work at some point, and for general observations on my adventures.

I love my Rhodias because of the various sizes I can use, and because sometimes I want dotted, sometimes blank, and most of the time, lined paper to write on.

I took my Rhodia Pads all over the world with me this year to:

Beirut, Lebanon ~ Cocoa Beach, Florida ~ Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Timisoara, Romania ~ Budapest, Hungary ~ Salzburg, Vienna, Austria ~ Munich, Frankfurt Germany ~ New York City ~ Chisinau, Moldova ~ Transnistria

Amazing! How exciting to see photos of these worldwide destinations!

To see the entire post with all the photos of Rhodia pads and notebooks in action at various locations around the world, see Nomad’s post here!


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