Friday, November 10th, 2017

Sylvia’s video review of the Rhodia Goalbook


Sylvia from Wright Your Life recently did an excellent and thorough video review of the Rhodia Goalbook! She noted there aren’t many reviews out there yet so she wanted to put hers out for anyone who is considering this notebook. She especially loves the soft cover!

One thing she mentioned that other reviewers have also brought up: the packaging says there are 240 numbered pages, when in fact there are 240 total pages, some of which are not numbered because they are the index and undated calendar pages.

I have put in a request to the Rhodia team in France to please update the label to reflect the actual count of numbered pages. I don’t know when this will take effect, but I wanted to let everyone know it’s being worked on!

Another thing she mentions is the darkness of the dots. The darkness of the dots is actually for a good reason: The paper in the Rhodia notebooks is Clairefontaine paper made in France, and because of environmental regulations, the manufacturer cannot add chemical stabilizers to the inks. Chemical stabilizers allow for lighter printed dots. Other brands are made in other countries where the regulations might not be as strict. For example, Leuchtturm notebooks are made in Taiwan.

Rhodia products are very high quality and are made to strict environmental regulations. Those regulations mean the result is an exceptional paper that is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. But the trade-off is darker dots.

In the end it comes down to choices, and personal preferences.

She does a pen test comparison with the Goalbook (90 gsm paper) vs Moleskine (70 gsm) vs Leuchtturm (80 gsm), and the pens had much less show-through on the Goalbook paper. She did notice that ink and pencils have some different effects on the Rhodia paper than on the Leuchtturm paper.

The Goalbook shown in the video is the Anise Green color (photo at top of post).

For more information about the Rhodia Goalbook, including where to buy, click here.


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