Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Phawnda Moore


One of our favorite calligraphers is Phawnda Moore of Rocklin, California.  Over the years, she has created some beautiful artwork on Rhodia paper with various calligraphy techniques and tools, including pointed pen, brush markers and chisel pens. (In the photo, Phawnda is seated second from right in the front.)

Phawnda is planning a new workshop at the Mendocino Art Center in Mendocino, California on November 4-5, 2017.  “Holiday Art Cards” will cover creating and graphic gifts using watercolors and inks.  Participants will explore simple hand lettering alphabets for card messages and coordination of envelope design.

She also plans to teach “Modern Uncials” (a historical hand) in September.  Please check her website for upcoming classes, events and workshops.

Phawnda is a renowned calligrapher, wonderful teacher and all-around delightful person.


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