Friday, July 14th, 2017

Femme Head’s video of her Rhodia bullet journal: goals, planning, and more!


FemmeHead did an excellent video showing how she uses her Rhodia dot grid notebook for bullet journaling. The video is short but packed with fantastic information and lots of shots of her page spreads. You might want to pause the video when looking at the spreads so you can get a good look at them because she goes through them really fast.

Her video has lots of great tips on goal setting and breaking down monthly goals into weekly goals and daily tasks. She shows us how she tracks her social media output, her financial tracking pages, gratitude, and her weekly spread. On her weekly spread she shows her week overview, her weekly goals, and her daily details.

See FemmeHead’s Rhodia bullet journal video here!

In her video, FemmeHead uses an A5 size Rhodia Webnotebook with a black cover and dot grid pages.

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