Friday, June 16th, 2017

Studyquill’s video: what to write in your notebook


Jasmine at Studyquill recently did an excellent video showing tons of ideas of how to fill your notebook (click here for video). This short video is absolutely jammed full of ideas including bullet journaling, dream journaling, trackers, ink tests, on and on.

The notebook she uses in the video is an A5 size Rhodia Webnotebook with the silver cover and dot grid pages. In the video she notes the importance of using thick, smooth paper with brush pens so the pen tips don’t get damaged and the ink doesn’t bleed through. She recommends the paper in the Rhodia Webnotebook for this purpose.

Rhodia Webnotebook with silver cover

Thank you so much for your excellent video Jasmine! Lots of great ideas in there!


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