Friday, June 9th, 2017

Rhodia notebook reviews and comparisons


There’s a lot of buzz online lately about our Rhodia dot-grid notebooks including the Webnotebook and especially the softcover Rhodiarama notebooks!

Here are several videos reviewing and/ or comparing the Rhodia notebooks with other similar notebooks:

DeePlannerGirl compares the Rhodia Webnotebook with the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook. She goes into lots of details comparing paper color and weight, covers, page size, etc.

JournalJoy reviews the Rhodiarama softcover dot grid notebook. She does a great job of showing the cover texture and ruling details. She shows a writing sample with several different types of pens, with no feathering or bleed through of the paper.

Boho Berry does a mega-comparison of 10 notebooks used for Bullet Journaling. The Rhodia review starts at 22:47. This video is from back in November, but it’s a great reference video with pros and cons of lots of different notebooks discussing which are best for bullet journaling. She uses the same several pens on each type of notebook so you can reliably compare the papers each notebook has. She describes the Rhodia as one of her favorites because the paper is “incredibly fountain pen friendly.” She shows the Rhodia hardcover Webnotebook in this video. It’s worth noting that the softcover Rhodiarama notebooks have the same excellent paper and come in lots of different color covers.

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