Friday, May 26th, 2017

Mike Linn’s Notebook + Tablet Folio


You might remember Mike Linn from his Rhodia Fan Profile last year. He had a very successful Kickstarter campaign to launch his folios that hold an A5 notebook along with a tablet or sketchbook and two pens. He very kindly sent me one of his excellent folios! They are now available to buy at Original Content Books.

The folios come in black, green, or this gorgeous grey fabric:

There’s a slot on the front cover where you can slip in papers. The folio is closed with an elastic strap.

Inside there are spaces to hold a tablet or a sketch pad, an A5 notebook, and two pens. I think the silver Rhodia Webnotebook looks especially great in it!

There are clips that hold the sketchbook or tablet securely.

The notebook cover is held in the folio by a slot that is open on both sides, so you can slip the notebook in any way you like, with the notebook at the right of the pad/ tablet as shown above, or…

…with the notebook on the left.

Here you can see the notebook open in the folio.

This folio is the A5 size, and there is also a larger version available for pre-order. You can see all the folios, notebooks and sketchbooks at Original Content Books.

Many thanks to Mike for sending me this folio, and congratulations on the success of your business!

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