Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Rhodia Drive and Quo Vadis Blog


Clairefontaine Rhodia, our parent company in France, and Exaclair, based in New York, sponsor Rhodia Drive, a blog about Rhodia pads and notebooks.  Rhodia is our most popular and fastest-growing brand. Sunny Huang and I post about brand news, fan artwork, reviews and more.  Laurie Huff also writes a weekly post on Rhodia Drive.  In recent weeks she has focused on bullet journaling, and will expand to different types of journaling topics.  Posts on journaling, calligraphy and lettering arts are drawing new readers.

Quo Vadis, another parent company in France, and Exaclair, sponsor Quo Vadis Blog.  Since so many of our readers are outside the U.S. (about 40-45%) we make a genuine effort to present news and topics that would have a global interest.  Laurie Huff manages the blog and is the chief writer.  The readership has grown enormously under her leadership. Topics primarily focus on planning, productivity, time management, and writing.

There is one key link between the Quo Vadis and Rhodia brands:  Clairefontaine paper.  Different planners, diaries, pads and notebooks have different grammage, paper color and finish, but all the paper is sourced from Papeteries de Clairefontaine in the Vosges, France.  You can read more about the paper, and Clairefontaine’s long-time environmental commitment.

We don’t know how much reader overlap there is between blogs?  Do you read both, or just one?

For those of you who are not familiar with Quo Vadis Blog, I invite you to visit the blog and read Laurie’s excellent posts on writing, including our Page Per Day Challenge, Daily Journaling Prompts and Monthly ThemesQuo Vadis’ Habana Notebooks have their own group of fans, and some fountain pen people prefer them to Rhodia products.  Habana notebooks are slightly larger and sleeker than Rhodia Webnotebooks, and the cover has a smooth leather feel.

We are currently running a raffle for pocket Habana notebooks, and you are welcome to join in if you would like to get acquainted with them.

5 thoughts on “Rhodia Drive and Quo Vadis Blog

  1. I also read them both. Would it be easier for those new to Rhodia/Clairefontaine/QuoVadis to have a central repository of information? Would it be easier for you? I do find that its hard to explain to newcomers explaining the intricacies of the Exaclair empire but I don’t know if there’s an easy way to clarify it. French stationery superstore?

  2. I am always on the lookout for new notebooks I want to try. However, I don’t follow Quo Vadis because last time I checked they did not offer any grid or dot options. If that has changed, I’d be please to look again. Otherwise Rhodia meets most of my needs in that category.

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