Friday, April 28th, 2017

Why keep a paper notebook in a digital age?


There are lots of reasons to keep a paper notebook: privacy and security, and the sheer joy of putting pen to paper.

Check out this video for more reasons why it’s great to use a paper notebook in this digital age.

The notebooks shown in the video and in the photo above are the A5 size dot-grid Rhodia Webnotebooks.

One thought on “Why keep a paper notebook in a digital age?

  1. Agree 100%. I had been keeping all sorts of quotes and doses of wisdom on my iPhone iPad and in OneNote. Give up on any one of those and the information is lost. When I’m dead and gone no one will ever know the things I kept and felt were important. Enter new Rhodia notebook where I am carefully transcribing everything. It will survive longer than I will and maybe even the zombie apocalypse. :).

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