Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

More Colors?


Jessica Chung of Pretty Prints & Paper thinks it would be a good idea to offer our hard cover Rhodiarama notebook collection with dot grid pages.  Currently, these books are available in blank and ruled.

Jessica echoes an increasing number of requests we are receiving:  more color choices with hard color notebooks.  The Rhodia Webnotebooks in dot grid with black, orange and silver covers are very popular and hard to keep in stock.  More colors are needed!

I asked Jessica what colors she would pick to start, and she said Poppy, Purple, Sapphire, Turquoise and Anise.  I think those would be very popular choices, perhaps adding Yellow and Tangerine to the mix.

What choices would you like to see available?  Please make your voice heard now, because we are going to look into getting them.

Thank you for your support.  You can see all the Rhodiarama hard cover notebook colors here.



5 thoughts on “More Colors?

  1. Oh my goodness, I would flip out if you added more dot grid hardcover colors!!! I’m a fan of the colors that Jessica picked, but I think it’d be great to also include a couple of the more mellow colors like Iris and Lilac, and I second Jessica’s suggestions of Turquoise and Anise.

    I just moved into a Rhodia Webnotebook for my bullet journal and I am kicking myself for taking so long! It’s an absolute dream to write in. At the rate I go through my bullet journal, I’ll probably need all of the colors in no time!

  2. I agree with Jessica! Plus, it would be nice if there was greater availability. I recently attempted to purchase the entire color range of these note pads and found them in very short supply.

  3. Turquoise, Poppy and Anise are my favorites. I would LOVE to see them in hardcover dot grid! Exciting!

  4. Thanks for letting us weigh in. I would definitely add more colors, and I like Jessica’s suggestions. I love purple and turquoise! I’m not so much a fan of yellow, but tangerine would be nice.

  5. The paper quality is great! However there are so few Blank options.
    I’d be happy with blank options in more sizes, especially the smaller sizes (easy swatch making for inks! Come on!)

    As for design (and this goes for all the notebooks), I’d love ultra minimal designs, solid colours with no logo on the front, or if a logo, a very minimal one, perhaps with a “tone on tone” effect. White notebooks are the best! BTW

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