Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Rhodia bullet journaling post 7: Travel bullet journal


When I travel I have the most to write about, but the least time to write about it because I’m too busy seeing and doing new things! Bullet journaling is a great way to keep a travel journal because it’s easy to jot down information on the go and quickly record things while you are out and about.

I recommend using a pocket size notebook that you can carry with you everywhere as your travel bullet journal. In the past I have made the mistake of using a larger notebook when traveling, and discovered I didn’t want to carry it with me everywhere so it stayed in my room. When you carry your notebook everywhere with you, you can capture all those details you want to remember when traveling: the names of places you visited, recommendations from other people, the names and contact information for people you meet, and everything else you want to remember.

In these photos I used a Rhodiarama pocket (A6) size softcover notebook with dot grid pages. The small size and soft cover mean the notebook is very lightweight and can easily fit in pockets.

I recommend using a notebook designated specifically for your trip. Everything related to your trip goes into the notebook. When you start planning your trip, write what you want to see and do into your book. Write the addresses of the places you will stay, contact information, relevant websites, etc.

At the very beginning of your notebook, write local emergency numbers so you can find this information quickly if you need it. Also write any medications or medical conditions you have so you or someone else can access that information in case of emergency.

Write other people’s recommendations of things to see and do, and other things you discover along the way. Sometimes the best experiences are the ones that weren’t originally on your itinerary!

Tape in cards of places you stay and eat, so you can find them again next time and so you can recommend them (or not!) to other travelers.

Your Daily Log will be the meat of your travel journal. Each day write the date and your location. Add to the entry throughout the day so you can remember what you saw and did each day. Get the basic details down, then you can always add more details later in a more expansive journal entry.

You can create your own bullet journal symbols to help you capture and organize the information quickly and easily as you write it. Use whatever bullet symbols/ signifiers make the most sense to you. In the example above I used an arrow to indicate mode of transportation, and a dot with names underlined for notes on things I saw and did. For restaurants/ food I used a circle with a line through the center (which is a very simplified representation of a dinner plate with a fork down the middle of it).

Number your pages and include an Index (I like to make mine in the back of my notebook) so as you fill your notebook’s pages you can easily find previous entries and details.

Happy travels!


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