Friday, February 24th, 2017

Irene’s feedback on the Rhodia Reverse book


Irene was one of the lucky winners of our bullet journaling giveaway last year, and sent us this very thoughtful feedback on the Rhodia Reverse Book she won:

Thoughts on the Rhodia Reverse Book

First of all, thank you for the free Rhodia Reverse Book! It was exciting to win a contest.

I love the graph (quadrille) paper. It is makes writing neatly so easy and a pleasure.

The paper is good quality — a nice thickness, no bleed-through of ink.

The reverse feature is great. I _love_ having the spiral binding at the top instead of the side. It’s nice that the notebook is set up to be used with the spiral binding either at the side or the top, but I like it at the top.

The 21 cm x 21 cm (approx. 8-1/4” x 8-1/4”) size is interesting and unique. I like the square size. It’s a bit big to be portable for errands, but I still take it sometimes on errands, and it is cooler-looking than carrying around the remnants of an old college 8-1/2” x 11” spiral notebook!

While I like the perforated pages, so that a torn-out sheet has a clean (rather than a ragged) edge, the sheets seem to tear out too easily. For example, I tried to use the Reverse book to make a list of what I was buying for Christmas gifts for lots of people (immediate family, cousins, teachers, and all), and I had the list of names (recipients) over several pages. As I flipped between pages during shopping or mulling over the list at home, it was too easy for pages to (start to) become detached once a sheet had been folded (even inadvertently) on the perforation. (For the Christmas list, I had to switch to a small notebook (approx. 4” x 5-3/4” with neither spiral binding nor perforated pages.)

On the other hand, for my Thanksgiving menu and guest list, the Rhodia Reverse Book pages were perfect. It was great for making neat lists of who was coming and what foods would be part of the meal.

The Rhodia Reverse Book is great for big to-do lists. I even divide the page into two columns sometimes — one for home (chores) and one for out of the house (errands). Not knowing the price of the Reverse, I’m not sure how economical it would be to use this notebook for something quotidian and throw-away like a to-do list…

Finally, I even used the Rhodia Reverse to write down my thoughts about the notebook before typing it up for you.

Thank you again for choosing me as a winner in the Rhodia notebook giveaway. It was interesting to try it out. I would be curious to see / hear what other people thought of it and to hear how they use it.

Many thanks for your feedback Irene, we are so glad you are enjoying your Reverse Book!

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