Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Yingssu Tsai’s Brush Calligraphy


Yingssu Tsai is a data scientist from the San Francisco-Bay area.  She also is a brush pen calligrapher and has her own blog, ocean calligraphy.

I asked Yingssu how she got started in brush pen calligraphy, and what she enjoys or values most about this art form.

“I started brush pen calligraphy when I wanted to learn English calligraphy after studying Chinese calligraphy for a few years. Chinese calligraphy uses ink sticks and brushes. At the time, I did not have much experience with watercolor, and starting watercolor brush calligraphy seemed really daunting. But brush pen calligraphy seemed much simpler: a brush pen and paper. Each time I was curious about brush pen calligraphy, I would come across Sharisse DeLeon’s website, Pieces Calligraphy. Her tutorials made it really easy to dive in and get started.”

“What I value about brush pen calligraphy is that it is a great jumping off point for learning calligraphy. I have since started learning pointed pen calligraphy and watercolor brush calligraphy. It helped being familiar with the basic strokes, as they translate across tools. What I really enjoy about brush pen calligraphy is that I can pick up a marker pen and a piece of paper and create beautiful writing for any situation. Sometimes it is nice to write a note that also looks nice, even if it is just an usual everyday thing. I think calligraphy can brighten anyone’s day.”

“I have attached two pictures of works I have done in the past. One is a simple word ‘peace’, showing basic writing. Another is an example of how I try to integrate calligraphy in my daily life. The note could have been a quick scribble or in regular handwriting, but it looks really pleasant and calming in calligraphy.”

“The third picture is just something I did for fun, with ‘classic orange and black notebook’ written in English and Chinese, both with brush pens.”

Thank you, Yingssu, for sharing your experience with the group.  I hope some readers are inspired to try brush pen calligraphy.

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