Friday, January 20th, 2017

Rhodia bullet journaling post 3: Combining work and personal in one bullet journal


Here is a question I see often online: should you combine work and personal into one bullet journal? The answer, as it is with most things, is: It Depends.

First of all, if your work has any confidentiality or legal issues where your notebook could possibly be used as evidence or should not leave the office, then you should definitely keep separate work and personal notebooks.

Another thing to think about is visibility. If you don’t want coworkers or clients seeing personal things written in your book while your notebook is open on your desk, you’ll probably want a separate notebook for work.

And another thing to consider is being able to separate your work from your personal life. If seeing work tasks and notes in your bullet journal while using it at home keeps you from shutting off, you’ll probably want to leave work at work and have a separate bullet journal for personal use.

But for many people, it’s convenient to have work and personal in one bullet journal. Especially for people who work from home, it may be easier to fit all the aspects of your life together in one book for simplicity’s sake.

There are several ways you can use one notebook for both work and personal bullet journaling:

Personal from front, Work from back.

Write all your personal lists, notes and collections starting from the front of the notebook, and all your work things from the back of the notebook. This is a really simple way to have everything in one book, without having to see your tasks and notes out of context. If you find it distracting to see work stuff at home and see personal stuff while you’re working, but you still want to use one notebook, this is the way to go.

Color code.

If you use a multi-pen, you can easily color code work vs. personal. I use a pen that has red, blue, black and green inks and a mechanical pencil so I only have one writing utensil to carry around with my book. My personal items are always written in blue ink, and work is always written in black. Important things get underlined or circled in red.

Work and personal signifiers.

Use the bullet journal method of signifiers to designate work vs. personal so you can easily differentiate these on the same page. In this example I used a circle before personal things, and a triangle before work things. This lets me quickly differentiate, then I use a bullet or time to indicate task or scheduled item. Just beware of using too many signifiers, because they can get confusing really fast!

Do you use separate bullet journal notebooks for work vs. personal, or do you combine them in one book?

In this post I used an A5 Rhodiarama softcover dot grid notebook.

For more tips on bullet journaling, look for our Rhodia bullet journaling posts here on Rhodia Drive on the first three Fridays of each month!

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