Monday, November 28th, 2016

Poll Results: Your Favorite Rhodia Dot Book



I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday break! I am here with the results of our latest poll.

You have voted and the winner of “What is your favorite Rhodia dot product?” is…the Rhodia Dot Staplebound Notepads! You can’t beat a classic and most of you agreed. Coming in a close second was the Dot Webnotebook.

There certainly is something special about the dotPad. It’s versatile for any field of work or for lists and doodles. It’s available in just about any size you need. Of course there’s also that 80g super smooth paper!

Thank you to everyone who voted and remember to voice your opinion in our next poll that is up right now on the home page: What is the most important notebook feature to you?

We will recap what everyone thinks in two weeks!

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