Monday, October 31st, 2016

To Tear or Not To Tear?



Most Rhodia products (classic notepads, Unlimited, spiral notebooks and notepads) are micro-perforated for easy and clean removal which is a great extra feature but it does leave the question – to tear or not to tear?

I’m always torn on what to do. On one hand continually leaving the pages on the pad makes it a bit annoying to flip the cover back because the pages sometimes do not want to stay back (especially as you get near the end of the pad). However once I tear a page out I mind as well throw it in the garbage since it’s going to be lost within 30 minutes anyways (at least I would know where to find it!).

What do you prefer to do – tear out each page or leave them be?

2 thoughts on “To Tear or Not To Tear?

  1. I am in the occasional tear camp. Unless I am using a No. 18 pad with three holes punched, I rarely rip pages out of my pads. I never use the lift up and over method, preferring spiral bound so that I can turn the pages completely over.

  2. Rhodia Dotpad No. 12, 16 and 18 are my absolute favorites for jotting things down and for casual correspondence. Their microperforations are a welcome complement to the pure whiteness, subtle dotting, beautiful smoothness and ideal density of the paper.

    Not to tear out each sheet would utterly defeat the purpose of writing a piece of correspondence. The practice would soon interfere with the precisely-engineered fold-back cover. It would deprive me of enjoying the beautifully-defined edge that the microperforations make, and it would squander the time and effort that the makers have invested in the product.

    I am firmly in the “tear” camp. I prefer not to adopt the “lift up” technique in the illustration. instead, I pull the the sheet down and away from the binding. I usually tear right to left, but not always. Cheers.

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