Friday, October 21st, 2016

Rhodia Featured Retailer: Paper Place Austin


Today we are talking with Diana from Paper Place Austin.

RD: Please give us a short description of your store.

PP: Stationery and gift store offering unique items from paper, pens, journals, boxed notes and custom printing. Our customers feel they always find that perfect gift in our store.

RD: Have digital devices and apps changed how people use notebooks?

PP: Yes, to an extent it definitely has changed our business. Smart phones and tablets were a convenience to many at first. But over time, our customers, especially students have gone back to notebooks, journals and planners. They just prefer to write it down on paper. And autocorrect does not hinder your pencil on paper.


RD: What do you see as the future of notebooks?

PP: That is a hard question for us to answer because we deal in paper and hope it never dies. We think there will be a balance of people that love the latest, greatest way to journal, note-take. Apps and programs are amazing in the way you can snap a pick, scan and upload to make working more efficient. But there will always be people that will forever love the way pen and pencil feel to a good piece of paper. It’s just deeply satisfying.


RD: Why do (some) people continue to use paper in a digital world?

PP: We ask our customers that question… and it’s part of what is in question 3, but their response is usually writing something on paper gives them a deep connection to what they are thinking. It helps commit their ideas and thoughts to memory better and triggers you to think differently than if you were using an app on your phone. Less distractions from going back and forth on your phone vs. keeping focus on your task.


RD: How do people “discover” paper and notebooks now that so many stationery and office supply stores have disappeared?

PP: 1 is Instagram and No. 2 is our website. We have learned in order to survive, we must have an online media presence and have a person here committed to posting and replying steadily. The irony of a paper store depending on the digital age to survive. But adapting is key.


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