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Clairefontaine Roadbook – Reviews from Opposite Ends of the U.S.



Review by Steven A – Marysville, Washington – “As part of my daily carry, I immediately dropped the Roadbook into my SCOTTeVEST (a multi-pocket vest designed for travelers with lots of useful pockets for notebooks and mobile devices).  Initally, I intended using the Roadbook as a travel journal.  After writing in the journal for a few weeks, I realized that I actually created another commonplace book to my collection.

The cover handled the abuse suffered riding in the pocket of my vest well, with little folding, no feathering and no tears.  The cover is thick enough that it provides a firm writing surface when folded open. Clamping a small, black steel binder to the top edge as a place marker resulted in little damage to the Roadbook’s cover, with some steel transference to the pages.  I wish there was a sewn-in ribbon for a place marker.

I am most pleased with the paper in the Roadbook, finding little feathering, almost no bleed-through and very little ghosting even with my wettest fountain pens.  Drying times are a little extended, typical of the excellent quality Clairefontaine paper; smudges due to writer’s impatience, not the paper.

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Review by James G – Morrisville, North Carolina -“The paper is top quality and it’s great with pencil, rollerball, gel, and Fisher Space pens.  The line spacing is wider than I prefer.  I hope it will be available in dot grid in the future.  The cover is a good thickness, and it is slightly textured which helps with grip.  The elastic band seems very durable. I wish it had a small pocket in the cover.  I use the Roadbook to take notes in meetings and it would be great to have a place to store a few business cards or note cards.  The size is perfect.  It’s easy to carry with a tablet.

The only thing I dislike about the Roadbook is the binding.  It is not easy to lay the book flat to write. You have to apply a lot of pressure to the pages to open the book wide and write on the full width of the paper.  Not so much the cover, but the paper part of the book constantly wants to close.  I hope this will get better over time but I’m not sure that it will.

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