Monday, October 10th, 2016

Do You Remember The Time



“I don’t get it.”

There’s usually a point when you meet someone where the you’ll get asked what is it that you do. I work in paper. To many of you this is not news, it’s not particularly special but it’s interesting if you’re into paper, inks, writing and art. But to others working in paper mind as well be herbal medicine. You’ll get the typical responses you would assume – “people still use paper?” or “why?” and, “I don’t get it.”

I don’t feel any way toward these questions being asked. For this current generation it’s all about digital devices and touch screen. I get it. I am it. But I also understand the power and creativity that paper and pen can provide. I found that out when I started working with paper. Now admittedly I am spoiled in this regard because I am surrounded by some of the best paper in the world. But I know that there’s all of you out there who also love paper, love inks, love writing and creating. Do you remember when and why you believe in the power of paper? In this digital age, why paper?

One thought on “Do You Remember The Time

  1. Paper because…
    …I can’t doodle my daydreams in the margins of my note-taking app.
    …I can’t effortlessly add organized notes alongside sketches in my art app.
    …I don’t finish a year with a tangible physical artifact in my planner app.
    …I can’t send an e-mail in my handwriting, in a homemade envelope.
    …Dad’s old journal will always evoke more curiosity and wonder than dad’s old flash drive.
    …An autograph adds neither scarcity nor value to an easily copied ebook file.
    …You can copy or photograph my writing, but you cannot duplicate the original, pen-scratched page.

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