Monday, September 26th, 2016

The Best Part of Waking Up…


Do you remember that commercial? Do people still watch commercials?


Everyone has a morning routine to get them ready for the day. For some that’s opening up their dream journal and starting the day by thinking of last night. Other’s (me) are barely functional before their first cup of coffee. Then there’s the morning workout person, who can run a 5K at 5 A.M. (please teach me). And we won’t get into the debate of morning shower vs. night shower (because we know morning shower is the right answer). What do you do in the morning to wake up?

We all have our routines but sometimes I wish I could break out of it. Starting a dream journal sounds like a great idea and I would love to jog in the morning but who has the time? What do you wish you could start doing in the morning?


3 thoughts on “The Best Part of Waking Up…

  1. First I growl and sigh.
    Several times.
    Sat on the border of the bed, bare foot, I try to determine the temperature outside. Then I think of the incoming day and walk like a zombie to the kitchen. For years I was brewing coffee (a double expresso), but recently I’ve try to stop (in fact I usually do that once a year, during summer). Prepare a green tea with mint (both organic), and pour it in my thermos to drink it at work (it smells good, and makes me think I’m somewhere else). My attempt to stop coffee failed two days ago. I now need it again to be able to move at a (almost) normal pace for a zombie. (unless I could just stay there, in the middle of the kitchen, taking root). I still do the green tea routine, though, because it smells good. Then I might prepare a chia pudding, or just sigh because nothing’s ready or nothing seems to please me for the breakfast. Then I try to find something in the fridge for my lunch. Usually my wife prepared a box or something. If not… I feel miserable because I fall into a survival mode where I need to open a can of tuna and a can of corn and mix them. So I growl (that’s a lot of growling, I know). Sometimes I also boot the laptop for some googlenews (sight at the world going crazy), or rss flux (most of them about graphic design, pens and paper), then a shower. After the shower I growl and sight because I have to run because I’m late, even if I don’t really have working hours. I then check my emails on my cell because it’s usually after 8am and my cell automatically connects itself to the wifi. Here I smile, because my Android did what I wanted and when I wanted it to do it.
    This said, I sometimes run and jump everywhere, exaggeratedly exited about cooking my own breakfast, preparing my lunch, and feeling absolutely free about my day work. These days are rare and precious as gems. There is not growling or sighting ! It could rain as in Noah’s time… I just don’t mind, and usually anticipate the feeling of the rain when I’ll have to walk with no umbrella from my appart to my car, and from my car to my office. (Yes, I don’t believe umbrellas can be of any help ;) ).

    When my cat was still alive, it was slightly different as the day use to begin with a damn cold nose in my neck to wake me up and ask (beg!?) for food. He was first, I was having a hard time preparing his food and then after I could sat on a chair in a exhausted way… sighting for a looong minute. And the routine described above then could run smoothly with almost no interruption of the cat.

    I wish I could run a 5k in the morning. I almost feel I could… some days (and tried that once, on holidays. Probably my best run!). I wish I could remember my dreams, or do some muscular exercices. But… no. I’m a night bird even if I go to bed at 10-11pm. Almost every mornings are a pain and a punishment. Friday is my off day so it’s a little bit better.
    I wish I could have 3 Fridays in a week.

  2. Tea. I love tea first thing in the morning. Almost always decaf, usually either green or Earl Grey. I fiddle with my phone, checking e-mail, the online newspaper, Facebook & Instagram updates. A few times a week I roll out a yoga mat and stretch.

  3. Dog always gets breakfast first, lest I want to walk around in drool puddles. I get a smoothie, coffee made from espresso, (super rich and strong), and do my yoga. From there I am *supposed* to get to work. Mondays are my “off day” where I tend to piddle around with house work instead of writing because weekends are so active I have usually worn myself out. If I *am* going to write, though, it’s going to be relaxed stuff in any one of a variety of notebooks or possibly even a letter to a friend.

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