Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Grid vs. Dot Grid Paper



The popular Rhodia Reverse Book features 80 sheets of light violet graph paper.  The new, just-arrived-from-France Rhodia Dot Book has 80 sheets of very faint violet dot grid paper.  Each notebook is versatile – write with the spiral on the top or side.


Do you like the classic grid or dot grid?   Here’s an opportunity to sample a few sheets of each type of paper and decide for yourself.  We will send 80 people a sheet of each type of paper to sample.

To enter this giveaway please sign up by Friday, October 7, 2016.  One person will be randomly selected from among the group to win a new Rhodia Dot Book.

Click here if the form below does not appear for you!

Good luck!  As always, please share any feedback with others via the comment section on this post.


12 thoughts on “Grid vs. Dot Grid Paper

  1. I got my samples yesterday. Both paper are the “regular” 80g white paper. Both are a pleasure to use. I mainly use FP or graphit pen (wood or mechanical), and I had no surprise about the paper. No bleed, no feathering. Both offer a certain transparency, so when the sheet is stacked on another it is bright white. When detached – thanks to the small dots giving a nice and easy cut – the paper is a little bit darker. Again, usual business here.

    Due to the square format, and just because of that, I immediately thought of this book as a “technical notebook”, which means something to use in the office to share some technical ideas via sketches, R&D and so on. So the grid is the way to go.
    But don’t get me wrong. The dot grid is very useful for the graphic designer behind the engineer I am. For these activities I tend to prefer the regular DotPad#19 over a grid pad. So… after mine is finished I’ll might switch. Indeed, the pad is useful to throw away pages, but when you want to keep them, they get bend at the top and this begins to annoy me.

    Thank you Karen for the opportunity to test these paper :)

  2. I’ve been using the two samples to write short notes on (pleasure to write on with my fountain pens, as always). I agree with Amy that the grid could be paler or at least the lines could be a lot thinner to make it more unobtrusive. The dots are great.

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