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Shopping In Person vs. Online



“Hi, I’m looking for…”

Over 70% of Americans shop online regularly which is unsurprising when you look at the potential savings, free shipping and overall convenience of the experience. I shop online regularly. Chances are you do as well. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a particular ink you want or a certain size notebook that’s always sold out so we look online. Few days later and it’s at your doorstep!

But then it’s not exactly what you thought you wanted. It doesn’t look quite as appealing as it did on your screen. You want to return it. Which is okay and quite simple now a days to return items but if you’re like me you end up either forgetting to return it or simply not having the time to pack it up and go to the post office (or if you’re really like me just too lazy).

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That’s why shopping in person still has it’s pros. You get to see and touch everything before you buy. Really get a sense of the item. If you have any questions there’s someone there who can help. No waiting to hear back via email. And if you do end up buying something and change your mind the store is right there!

I don’t think one or the other is necessarily better, they are both important and useful, but I get why there’s strong camps for both.

Do you like to shop in person or online?

4 thoughts on “Shopping In Person vs. Online

  1. I’d much rather shop in person, especially when it comes to something tactile like paper, writing instruments, and such. Fortunately we have a lovely art store here, Meininger’s, as well as their Denver location, just an hour away. But I also shop from both and Goulet Pens. Mostly because Meininger’s can’t carry everything I want, though they do carry a nice selection of Rhodia products.

  2. When you live in a rural community, most have no idea what Rhodia, Excompta, or Clairfontaine is, and they don’t care to find out. I’d love to be able to shop in person, but it is just not possible. Thank goodness, for the online option!!

  3. Personally I like to shop in person, especially when it comes to art supplies and the like. I get to see upfront what I’m purchasing, how durable it is, etc. rather than a review about it. Granted though, online shopping is great for items I wouldn’t otherwise be able to purchase in person (for instance, international art supplies).

  4. I’m really old school for that, so shopping in person for me. Especially when it comes to go for something new. I need to feel, see, touch, compare, smell sometimes.
    And I don’t want to manage that pain of dealing with returns and stuff like that.
    But I do a loooot of research before going in a real store to “validate” my choice.
    This said… here in Montreal, QC, I have a real hard time finding my Rhodia planner (The Rhodia Planner Desk, made by/with QuoVadis). So this might be a candidate for an online experience, even if in past years it was a complete fail as it seems to be completely unknown this said of the border, and shipping prices from the states were insane.

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