Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Clairefontaine Roadbook Reviews


Roadbook comments from three volunteers:

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Angela – Florida

“As an artist, it provided well for small paintings and ink doodles of thoughts and sights I had the pleasure of experiencing. Like many other Clairefontaine products, the quality of the paper is top notch, allowing for in depth ink drawing as well as washes of watercolor and even the use of acrylic paint.  There was no caving or crippling of the paper and the ink used did not seep through.  A minor issue found with the Roadbook was the inability of the book to lay flat when opened up.  It seemed to have a mind of its own, shutting closed anytime I tried to set it down or remove my hand holding down the page.”


Nick – Michigan

Nick used the notebook to pre-plan his photo shoots.  “I sketched out a brief one page outline for planning these or any other photo trips.  The categories included Date, Destination, Mode of Transportation, Weather, Reason for the trip, Shot List and Notes/Summary/Learnings. “Since I cannot presume that this will all fit on a single page, I committed the outline to the first page of he Roadbook to remind me with a notation it may be revised or evolve as needed. ” He noted that writing on the first page, “was like remembering the first time you wrote your name on a frosted window, a smooth, unfettered flow.”


Bryan – Oregon

“The cover wears like iron and the texture of the cover hides small creases and wear.  I have a heavier writing pressure and the paper held up very well.  It was very smooth to write on and took the ink from my everyday pens extremely well–G2 gel pen, Staples Opiflow rollerball, Kaweco Al Sport fountain pen.”

Thank you all very much! – Karen



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